Who can use the service offered by this site?

The site publishes chess tournament results administered by the program Vega. Only arbiter/organizer with a valid Vega license can upload their tournaments. Of course the chessplayers and everybody interested in the result of a tournament has free access to the site without registration.

Can I copy data from this site and publish it elsewhere?

The answer is it depends for what purpose. Read this document Terms and conditions to understand what you can do. Don't forget to correctly cite the source on every page where the data taken from this site appears, i.e. add “VegaResult – https://www.vegaresult.com”. To avoid taking risks, write to us and we will resolve any doubts.

How much it cost?

The service is free of charge.

Where can I download the user manual/software?

Here it is.

Are there any API so that I can use your server to take data and publish them on my site?

Not yet. However we plan to add this feature in the near future.

Why the free Vega version is not supported by this site?

The access is restricted to registered users of Vega to let this site to stay safe for the time being. Unknown users could pubblish rubbish tournaments and spoil the site.

I am a chessplayer. Can I register to the desired tournament?

Yes, of course. Just locate the tournament of your interest and fill in the form giving your email. A confirmation email is sent to you.

What does mean the field "interest" in the search form?

The word "interest" has 3 options: International, National and local, depending by the audience of the chess event. If the players that can participate in at least one of the sections of your event are from a foreign country, then your event is "international". In case the players that can join the event are restricted to players of a given federation/country, then the event is "national". The event is "local" if the participation is limited to players belonging to a limited area of a given federation/country (club, province, region,...). Please make sure to assign the correct "interest" flag to your event because the misuse may cause the user to be banned. The correct labeling of your event will permit an easy search from the players interested in joining the event.

I am a Vegauser, where can I register for Vegaresult?

Here it is Registration page

Can I enable the chessplayers to register my tournament and then download the players with Vega?

Yes, of course. You can set the expire date for your registration. After that date no registration is allowed.

I would like to test the service but I do not want make visible my experiment. Is there a way to make private a tournament?

Yes, there is. When you create an event set the field 'public' to 'N'.

What it is the difference between "Event" and "Section" in the create event page?

A chess "event" may have several "sections" or tournaments. Some time a chess event has only one section/tournament. Once you have created an event you must add at least a section/tournament or your event will not appear in any search.

Which databases are supported?

Currently are supported the FIDE and the FSI (Italian) databases. Other databases can be added on request and for free. Just contact me.

I am an Organizer. Can I manage the player registration myself without Vega (insertion, modification and deletion)?

Of course, Vegaresult meets the needs of the most demanding organiser. Watch this short video to see how it's done.